Falcon Eyes Lamp holder LHPAT-21-1 + ML-28 Lamp

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The Falcon Eyes LHPAT-21-1 Lamp Holder + ML-28 Lamp is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography. This set is easy to mount and allows you to create a soft and even light around a person or object. Included in the delivery is a powerful 28W daylight lamp with a power comparability of 140W. The spiral lamp provides a stable color temperature of 5500K and doesn't get warm. Falcon Eyes Lamp Holder LHPAT-21-1 + ML-28 Lamp Optional Possibilities Optional spiral lamps can be purchased if you wish to have more or less light. We stock various daylight lamps with a power of 24W (comparable to 120W) up to 135W (comparable to 675W). The lamp socket can be shifted 5cm forward, allowing enough room to attach the Falcon Eyes AD-4E27 lamp holder. This allows you to connect 4 lamps. Further, the LHPAT-21 can be easily mounted on a universal light stand. Such optional accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.
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