Marumi UV Filter EXUS 52 mm

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The Marumi UV Filter EXUS 52 mm combines the well known price / quality ratio Marumi has with the professional qualities of a top filter. The EXUS line represents a matte black metal edge and a black colored side of the optics. The EXUS filters are the best filters of their kind by being provided with a dirt-, oil-, water-repellent and antistatic coating. This top-line filters are the best filters in the world.

The Marumi UV Filter EXUS 52 mm has two main functions:

The UV filter blocks the invisible ultra-violet rays, which often cause blur. In addition, the UV filter improves color reproduction and a higher contrast in the pictures. The colorless UV filter does not extend the exposure time and thus can always be attached to your lens. UV filters are ideal for shooting photos in the mountains, by sea and in regions with very clean air. The filter increases brilliance and disturbing blue casts are avoided.

In addition, the filter serves as an important protection for the lens. The surface of the UV filter is much harder than the lens surface of the camera lens and can therefore be used to protect your lens when cleaning it. Furthermore, when the lens falls, the fall will often break only the UV filter and the lens remains intact.


  • 1 x Marumi UV Filter EXUS 52 mm
  • Full color packaging
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