Kit studio Falcon Eyes TFK-2401 Digital

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The professional Falcon Eyes studio flash TF-401 with 400Ws flash power provides everything a professional photographer needs. Everything is there: quick charging time, robust metal housing, professional bayonet connection for accessories, fan cooling and a built-in slave receiver. Thanks to the digital display, the studio flash can be adjusted accurately. The modeling lamp can be turned on and off and can be adjusted proportional with the flash power. Furthermore, the studio flash has an auto dump function. This means that when the output power is reduced, the power will automatically be discharged.
Possibilities Falcon Eyes TF-401
The studio flash can be mounted on every light stand. On the bayonet connector, a wide variety of accessories can be mounted such as soft boxes, beauty dishes and a barn door set. The foot includes an umbrella holder. For an optional umbrella and other accessories, see: "Optional Accessories".
This set comes with two light stands. two soft boxes and all the cables you need, so you can start right away.
2 x Studioflash TF-401 Digital
2 x Light stand W805 101-235 cm
2 x Soft box 60x80 cm SBQ-SB6080
2 x Reflector
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