Pixel UV Filter Ultra Grade 62 mm

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This Pixel Ultra Grade UV Filter is used on your camera lens to block the invisible ultra violet waves which cause a blur on your photographs. This transparent UV filter is screwed on the front of your camera lens and protect the front of the lens against the elements and any kind of fall or impact damage. This filters also makes it possible to take photographs on high altitudes, near the sea and in regions with very clean air. Finally, the UV filters gives your taking photographs extra brilliance and eliminates the unwanted blue cast. The Pixel Ultra Grade UV filters have a special coating and thus have the following properties: Water resistant - if a water drop falls on the surface of the filter, the waterdrop will run off the filter when the filter is held at an angle of 30 degrees. Anti-oil - even though there are small drops of oil or smudges on the filter surface, these can be easily wiped off with a cloth. Anti-scratch - after a pressure test, which held in that a cloth was subsequently rubbed on the lens surface with 1kg pressure force, afterwards their were no scratch or smudge stains to be seen. 99% Translucency  
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