Yukon Night Vision Device Exelon 3x50

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Yukon Night Vision Device Exelon 3x50
The Exelon 3x50 has been improved in many ways. The combination of a CF-Super-tube and a large 50 mm objective lens (R-mount) provides a disstortion free, clear and geometrical correct image in the entire visual range. The CF-Super image intensifier with a ratio of 1200 has a higher value than a standard GEN 1 tube. This feature gives the Exelon 3x50 a large visual range and a very detailed recognition of the observed objects. In the field (with natural night lighting of 0.05 lux) this unit can detect objects over a distance of 180 metres. Because of the wide visual range this Exelon is very suitable for observing moving objects. Its fine ergonomics makes it easy to take along. It functions perfectly when using in rough circumstances (hunting, fishing and hiking) or for nature management purposes.
Excelon 3x50
Bag with belt clip
Lens cap
Cleaning cloth
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