Kit lumina continua Linkstar LSD-4K1 4x28W

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Kit lumina continua Linkstar LSD-4K1 4x28W

The LinkStar Daylight LSD 4K1 Set consists of a tripod, a softbox and a lamp holder suitable for 4 lamps. In this set are 4 spiral lamps (28W bulbs) included. These lamps have a color temperature of 5300 Kelvin. The light output of a 28W spiral lamp is comparable to 140W normal light. The lamp holders have a modern design, are small in size and have a stable color temperature. Up to four lamps of 55W can be connected to the lamp holder. By means of two switches at the rear of the lamp holder, the lamps are switched on and off.

The soft box measuring 50 x 70 cm has a silver reflective inside. In addition, a diffuse cloth is included. Using the spigot connection you can easily change the lamp holder on the tripod lamp terminals.

This set is perfect for video, portrait and product photography and other forms of digital photography or video.

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