Yukon Night Vision Device Binocular Tracker 3x42

Binoclu Night Vision Yukon Tracker 3x42

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Yukon Night Vision Device Binocular Tracker 3x42
The design of the Yukon Tracker 3x42 is based on the Tracker 2x24 LT, only this one has a larger magnification and a larger light collecting capacity.
Like all Yukon night-scopes the Tracker 3x42 is compact and it is light-weight.
The casing is made of shock-resistant polymer and is comfortably manageable, even with moist hands.
A soft rubber eye-piece protects your eyes against external indirect lighting.
The device has built-in infra-red illumination.
This increases the observation quality tremendously and is essential in absolute darkness.
The optical components of the scope are made of high-quality optics for a high-resolution, correct translucency and contrast.
The infra-red illumination and LED-indicators are hidden behind a semi-transparent shell, so they are invisible from a distance.

Tracker 3x42
Lined bag
Cleaning cloth

Generation: 1st Generation
Vergroting: 3x
Diameter objectief: 42mm
Resolutie (lijnen per mm): 32-36
Infrared integrated: Yes
Mountable on weapon: No
Statiefdraad: 1/4 inch
Color: Black/Green
Dimensions: 18.4x12.3x7.2cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
Warranty: 2 years
Gas-filled/waterproof: Yes
Viewing angle: 20 degrees
Maximale detectie afstand: 150 m
Detection Distance: 150
Power: 3V (CR123A)
Operational temperature: -20 to +30C

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