LUNA optics LN-NVB3 3x42 Gen-1 Premium Night Vision Binocular

Binoclu night vision LUNA optics LN-NVB3 3x42 Gen-1 premium

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Binoclu night vision LUNA optics LN-NVB3 3x42 Gen-1 premium

LUNA optics LN-NVB3 3x42 Gen-1 Premium Night Vision Binocular
The LN-NVB3 is a lightweight binocular Generation 1+ night vision divise of Luna Optics.
The LN-NVB3 has a magnification of 3 times and with this it has a range of 250 meters by ¼ moon.
The IR illuminator is adjustable, so you can use it for a close-up or as a wide beam.
Due to the special LPS sensor (Light Protection System), the internal components of the night vision are protected against sunlight.
This light sensor ensures that the binocular will not start when there is too much light, or by usage during the day.

The eyepieces can be individually focused and provide clear images.
The eyepieces are provided with winged eye cups so that ambient light does not affect the viewing quality.
The used lenses are multi-coated and provide a bright light transmission.
At the bottom there is ¼ female tread which enables you to mount LN-NVB3 on a tripod.
The housing is IPx4 certified, which means that the LN-NVB5 can also be used in drizzling raining conditions.
The body has anti-slip grip, so it is handheld securely and firmly.
The on/ off button and the IR button (for the illuminator) are on top of the binocular and are easy to operate.

Usage LN-NVB3
Make sure you do not use this night scope during the day.
To use the LN-NVB3, insert the supplied battery into the compartment and remove the lens caps from the lens.
Then you can start the binocular.
To switch on infrared lighting, press the IR button on the top of the night vision device.
By rotating the rotary knobs on the eyepieces, you can easily focus and determine the desired diopter setting.
Optionally, you can place the night scope on a tripod using the 1/4" threaded connection on the underside.
You can also use this night vision binocular in combination with your smartphone, for taking photos or videos at night.
A smartphone adapter is required.
Are you not using the device for a while?
Then remove the battery from the night scope.

1x LN-NVB3 3x42 Premium
2x Lens cap
2x Eyepiece cap
1x Battery CR123A
1x Carrying bag with strap
1x Manual
1x Packaging

Type: Chemical
Generation: 1+ Generation
Vergroting: 3x
Diameter objectief: 42 mm
Infrared integrated: Yes
Mountable on weapon: No
Statiefdraad: 1/4
Color: green/Black
Dimensions: 202 x 120 x 64 mm
Weight: 816 grams
Warranty: 1 Year
Gas-filled/waterproof: Yes
Viewing angle: 20 degrees
Maximale detectie afstand: 250 meter
Detection Distance: 250
Power: 1x CR123 battery (non-rechargeable)
Operational temperature: -20 tot +35 degrees Celsius

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