Acumulator LP-E6 Pixel pentru Canon

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Acumulator  LP-E6 Pixel  pentru Canon
The Pixel LP-E6 Battery for Canon is a strong and reliable Li-ion battery for your Canon camera. The battery is made using the latest technology and provides a stable power supply. The battery is compatible with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II/5D Mark III/EOS 7D/EOS 60D and has a capacity of 1620 mAh.
Specifications for Pixel Battery EN-LP-E6 for Canon
Before using your battery, you should first charge you battery for 10 hours. During this period you can ignore the “battery is fully charged” notification generally displayed after 1-2 hours of being charged. Once these 10 hours have passed, your battery is ready for use. You must completely drain your battery before charging it again. Repeat this a couple of times to reach the optimal potential of your battery.
This battery has a warranty period of 1 year.
1 x Li-ion battery
Protection cap
Full colour packaging
Article nummer:   3939170
Merk:   Pixel
Suitable for:   Canon EOS 5D Mark II/5D Mark III/EOS 7D/EOS 60D
Dimensions (cm):   5,6 x 3,8 x 2,1
Battery capacity (mAh):   1620
Battery voltage (V):   7,4
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