Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

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Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

The Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07 makes it possible to move your photo and/or video camera or spotting scope with freedom.

The SK-GH07 is made of a durable aluminium alloy and weighs only 1.918 kg.

The Gimbal Swing is also ideal for use in combination with a spotting scope.

The panorama head is equipped with an exchange plate with a mounting slide which is adjustable forwards and backwards.

Cameras and/or spotting scopes can be mounted on this by means of the ¼" thread.

On the bottom of the Gimbal Swing there is an ⅜" thread with which it can be placed on a tripod.

In order to be able to use equipment which is provided with an ⅜" thread, an adapter nipple is supplied.

The quick release plate can easily be removed from the panorama head, making changing it a simple task.

Replacement is even easier with an optionally available Sevenoak Replacement Plate (see optional accessories).

Application Sevenaok Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

The Sevenoak Gimbal Swing allows you to create a Panorama image by shooting multiple shots while turning the camera (in all directions) with the position of the camera always remaining the same.

As a result, the photos fit together perfectly.

When the Gimbal Swing is used in combination with a video camera, smooth movements can be achieved that are virtually impossible without Gimbal Swing.

Type: Panoramic head

Height (cm): 26.8

Load weight (kg): 10

Material: Aluminum

Weight (kg): 1.918 kg

Spirit level: Without spirit level

Movement: 2-way, 360 degrees

Screw connection bottom: 1/4" female, 3/8" female

Afmetingen (cm): 23.5 x 15.0 x 26.8 cm


Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

Quick Release Plate (15x4.3cm)

1x ¼" to ⅜" screw

1x Key

1x Manual

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