Yukon Night Vision Device NV 5x60

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The NV 5x60 night scope stands out because of its remarkable high light collecting capacity and large magnification. These features exceed the standard image intensifier. Because of the large 60mm objective lens and improved contrast function the image of the NV 5x60 is sharp and clear with a resolution of +/- 40 lines/mm. The magnification factor of 5x is very impressive for a first generation night scope. The casing is made of very durable synthetic material. The efficiënt lay-out of the parts and components provides an optimal relation between weight and size. The NV 5x60 is equipped with a powerful and economical built-in IR-illumination to be able to observe in complete darkness without any natural light source. This also enlarges the quality and the distance of the observations. The NV 5x60 can also be mounted on a tripod which comes in handy during longer observations.
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