Luna Optics LN-DM5-HRV Digital day and Nightvision Monocular Gen 1

Luna Optics LN-DM5-HRV Digital day and Nightvision Monocular Gen 1

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Luna Optics LN-DM5-HRV Digital day and Nightvision Monocular Gen 1
The Luna Optics LN-DM5-HRV is a Digital Day and Night vision Monocular of Gen 1 Night viewers.
This day and Night vision Monocular is fully digital and can be used both during the day and at night without damaging internal components due to direct sunlight.
An digital Day and Night vision Monocular is less susceptible to damage than an chemical tube night viewer.
The LN-DM5-HRV is the enhanced version of the LN-DM5, and like the LN-DM5, has a 2x magnification and has a detection distance of 200 meters under optimal conditions.
The internal infrared illuminator can reach a range of up to 100 meters in the dark.

The internal resolution is two and a half times higher than the old model, so you get an even better picture.
The angle of view of the LN-DM5-HRV is still 9 degrees.
During daytime the image is in full color and at night it is automatically converted to black and white images.
With the help of a rotary wheel, the brightness of the image is easy to adjust.
In addition to the previously mentioned enhanced image quality, the updated model also has a video output that allows you to view the images on an external display or record the images on an external recorder.

The water resistant body allows use during various weather conditions.
The LN-DM5-HRV is very handy and weighs only 375 grams.
He is robustly made with a rubber body coating, which makes him firmly in hand.
Thanks to its 1/4 inch tripod connection, it is also possible to place the LN-DM5-HRV on a tripod if you want to perform observations for a long time.
The carrying case comes with a front pocket and zip closure so you can take the video cable and spare batteries safely and easily with the LN-DM5-HRV.

Usage LN-DM5-HRV
The Luna Optics LN-DM5-HRV is an robust Digital day and  night vision Monocular that is made with a rubber body coating.
The day and  night vision is ideal for outdoor expeditions or hunting.
For long-term observations, the LN-DM2-HRV can be mounted on a tripod.
With the video output recordings can be made.

Highlights LN-DM5-HRV:
CCD Resolutie 640x480
Gevoeligheid: 0.03 lux
Visual Range: 300m
Diopter Range: +/- 5
IR Wavelength: 805nm LED
IR Effective Range: 100m
Battery time (Ohne IR): 6 uur
Battery time (Mit IR): 4 uur

1x LN-DM5-HRV Monocular
1x Video cable
1x CR123A Battery
1x Lens cloth
1x Carrying case
1x Full-color packaging

Type: Digital
Generation: 1st Generation
Vergroting: 5x
Diameter objectief: 50mm
Infrared integrated: Yes
Mountable on weapon: No
Statiefdraad: 1/4 inch
Color: Green/Black
Dimensions: 180x58x83 mm
Weight: 480 gr
Warranty: 2 years
Gas-filled/waterproof: Yes
Viewing angle: 9 degrees
Range of detection: 250m
Focusing distance: 640x480
Power: 1x CR123 Battery
Operational temperature: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius

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