Binoclu Optisan OH PRO-PC 8x42

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With the OH PRO-PC binoculars Optisan has put itself on the map as far as quality binoculars.

The OH PRO-PC binoculars come with the very exclusive phase coating. The image is thanks to the good coating and high quality glass materials very clear, sharp and very colourfast. Ideal binoculars for for instance the bird- or nature lover. These binoculars are also very suitable for safaris. The binoculars are nitrogen filled so it is waterproof and keeps dust particles away from the tube of the binoculars. This way you can enjoy the optimal, original image even longer. The body is made from very sturdy magnesium. The oculars are equipped with rotating "twist-up" rubbers, which can be set in 3 positions. The nice, light and handy design makes it complete.


  • Binoculars OH PRO-PC 8x42
  • Wide strap
  • Rain cover
  • Objective covers
  • Carrying bag (water resistant)
  • Cleaning cloth
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