Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Nightvision Bi-Oculars Gen 2+

Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Nightvision Bi-Oculars Gen 2+

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Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Nightvision Bi-Oculars Gen 2+
The Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Nightvision Bi-Oculars Gen 2+ is a professional and strong night vision binocular which can be used for a variety of purposes.
Thanks to the supplied head-mount it is possible to mount the LN-EBG1 to you head so you work with your hand free.
While whearing the head-mount, it's possible to flip-up the unit so you can look without it.
Futhermore the body of the LN-EBG1 is fully made of aluminium which makes it strong and suitable for use in any wheater condition.

The LN-EBG1 has a magnification of 1x, but it's possible to upgrade the unit to either 4x or 7x magnification by using the optional 100 or 165 mm lenses.
The resolution of the night vision goggles is 45 lp/mm and makes sure you have a clear image under any light condition.
By using the built-in focusable IR illuminator you will have a good image while using the LN-EBG1 in the darkest of the night.
The built-in light sensor protects the sensitive inner component against bright light.
Thanks to the special power supply the unit can be used to up 60 hours (without use of the IR illuminator).

With head mount system for "Hands-free" viewing
Optional 4x and 7x magnification lenses are sold separately (see optional accessories)
Extra long operating time because of the super long battery life (60 hour, without using the IR illuminator)

1x Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Nightvision Bincular Gen 2+
1x Head mount for hands-free watching
2x AA battery
1x Carrying bag
1x Full-color packaging

Type: Chemical
Generation: 2+ Generation
Vergroting: 1x
Diameter objectief: 26 mm
Infrared integrated: Yes
Mountable on weapon: No
Statiefdraad: No
Color: Black
Dimensions: 17 x 13,9 x 6,4 cm
Weight: 570 gr
Warranty: 2 years
Gas-filled/waterproof: Yes
Viewing angle: 40 degrees
Maximale detectie afstand: 200 m
Detection Distance: 200
Power: 2x AA battery

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