Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Night Vision Device with Head System and IR Illuminator

Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Night Vision Device with Head System and IR Illuminator

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Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Night Vision Device with Head System and IR Illuminator
The LN-EBG1 Night Vision Device with head mounting system and IR Illuminator is a unique combination action, which now allows you to see even more detail in the dark.
With the LN-EIR1-F infrared amplifier (IR Illuminator) you can almost double your viewing distance!

The Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Gen 2+ is a professional, strong night vision device from Luna Optics.
Thanks to the included head system you can wear the LN-EBG1 on your head, so you can keep your hands free.
In addition, the night scope is easy to "flip" up, thanks to the handy flip up system that is built into the head mount.
This allows you to see freely at any time while wearing the unit on your head.
For high reliability, the body is made entirely of aluminium. This makes the binocular waterproof.
Besides the standard magnification of 1x it is also possible to increase the magnification to 4x or 7x.
The 100mm and 165mm lenses are available as an option.
The LN-EBG1 is equipped with built-in IR lighting with a special directional beam, so that you already have a large detection distance in the dark.
You can almost double this viewing distance with the IR Illuminator.
The built-in LPS sensor (Light Protection System) ensures that the internal components are not damaged by excessive light.
Thanks to the improved power supply, the LN-EBG1 can operate for up to 60 hours.

Usage LN-EBG1 Night Vision Device with Head Mounting System and IR Illuminator
Do not use the night vision device during the day.
To use the LB-EBG1 and infrared amplifier, insert the batteries into the appropriate compartments.
Then remove the eyepiece cap and use the residual light amplifier.
The infrared light buttons are located on the left side.
For hands-free operation by using the head mount, connect it to the slide-connector at the top of the night vision unit.
To 'flip' the LN-EBG1 up, press and hold the push button, so that you can easily tilt the LB-EBG1 up.

To use the LN-EBG1 with additional IR Illuminator, attach it to the slide-connector at the top of the night scope.
Then tighten the IR's rotation knob firmly so that it remains firmly and securely in place on the night scope.
Will you not be using the units for a while?
Then remove the batteries from the night vision device and infrared amplifier.

1x LN-EBG1 Night Vision Device Gen 2+
1x Infrared Amplifier LN-EIR1-F
1x Head mounti system with flip-up system
2x Carrying Bag
1x Carrying strap
1x Lens cap
2x AA battery
2x Manual
1x Full-color packaging

Type: Chemical
Generation: 2+ Generation
Vergroting: 1x
Diameter objectief: 26 mm
Infrared integrated: Yes
Mountable on weapon: No
Statiefdraad: No
Color: Black
Dimensions: 17 x 13.9 x 6.4 cm (Night vision device) - 12.7 x 3 x 3.8 cm (IR)
Weight: 570 grams (Night vision device) - 100 grams (IR)
Warranty: 1 year
Gas-filled/waterproof: Yes
Viewing angle: 40 degrees
Detection Distance: 200
Power: 2x AA battery (Night vision device) - 1x CR123 3V Lithium Battery (IR)

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