Falcon Eyes Optical Snoot FEA-OST-2

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Falcon Eyes Optical Snoot FEA-OST-2
The Falcon Eyes FEA-OST-2 Optical Snoot works as a projector and enables you to create various background lighting effects. The snoot is equipped with an adjustable, 6 cm optical lens, allowing you to sharpen your projected images.

The FEA-OST-2 is supplied with 4 Gobos, which can be mounted on the snoot. Gobos are stencils or templates that are slid in front of a light source and used to project patterns onto a background or subject. The effect of a gobo is simple yet effective and can not be achieved by using a standard flash unit. The Gobos supplied with the FEA-OST-2 consist of a hart, half moon, window and leaf. Further, the FEA-OST-2 is delivered with a blue, yellow, red and green colour filter to broaden the possibilities of the lighting effects.

Falcon Eyes FEA-OST-2 Optical Snoot Specifications
The FEA-OST-2 is equipped with a removable Falcon Eyes speed ring making it compatible with all old and new Falcon Eyes studio flash units fixed with a bayonet connection. By using an optional speed ring, the FEA-OST-2 can also be used in conjunction with Bowens, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel, Multiblitz and Linkstar studio flash units. These compatible speed rings can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

The FEA-OST-2 is compatible with studio flash units with an output of 600Ws or higher.

1 x Snoot with Optical Lens (6 cm ø)
4 x Colour Filters (red, green, blue, yellow)
4 x Gobos (moon, window, heart, autumn leaf)
1 x Holder for Gobo
1 x Falcon Eyes Adapter Ring

Brand: Falcon Eyes
Dimensions (cm): 10.5 ø
Connection: Falcon Eyes bayonet
Weight: 2.5 kg

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