Sevenoak Time Lapse Ball head SK-EBH04

Sevenoak Time Lapse Ball head SK-EBH04

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Sevenoak Time Lapse Ball head SK-EBH04

The Sevenoak SK-EBH04 camera panoramic mount head is a motorized time lapse tripod ballhead with remote control. It is a tripod-mountable turntable base that lets you capture panning time-lapse videos and panoramic photo sequences. The panoramic head has many rotation steps, from 5-360 degrees, and time duration of 1 minute to 2h 46min. Everything can be controlled by the remote up to 20ft away. Motion can be set clockwise or in counterclockwise rotation.

Suitable for all cameras

The SK-EBH04 comes standard with four cables: the Canon C1, Canon C2, Nikon N1 and Nikon N2. This makes the SK-EBH04 suitable for almost all Canon and Nikon cameras as standard. It is also possible to use a camera of another brand. With the Miops cable selector you can select the right cable; these cables can also be used with the Sevenoak SK-EBH04.

Usage Sevenoak Time Lapse Ball head SK-EBH04

For camera attachment, the head features a standard 1/4"-screw, connecting the SK-EBH04 with a phone clip or GoPro-mount can make it compatible with Smartphone and GoPro series, letting you capture time-lapse videos using a range of devices. The head is powered using an internal battery that provides up to 5 hours of operation per charge. A USB power connection allows for longer runtimes and for charging the internal battery. The maximum load capacity is 2.5KG.

Menu on the remote control:

1. Camera set: set the camera related parameter

2. Motor set: set the motor related parameter

3. Time lapse: set the time lapse mode parameter

4. Live motion: set the live motion mode parameters

Type: Ball joint

Load weight (kg): 2.5

Material: Plastic

Weight (kg): 0.5

Spirit level: With spirit level

Movement: 360 degrees

Screw connection bottom: 1/4" female

Afmetingen (cm): 13 x 6 cm


1x Sevenoak SK-EBH04 Tripod Head

4x Camera shutter release cables

1x Micro USB charge cable

1x Phone holder

1x GoPro mount


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