Microfon lavaliera Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2

Saramonic Dual Lavalier Microphone Wireless Blink 500 Pro B2

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Microfon lavaliera Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2

The Blink500 Pro B2 from Saramonic is a wireless transmitter set with built-in battery. The system consists of two transmitters and one receiver. You can use the Blink500 Pro B2 with both smartphones and cameras, thanks to the included TRRS and TRS cable. A microphone is built into the transmitters, so you attach the transmitters to a garment with the clip and can start recording immediately. In addition, you can use the transmitters as handheld microphones because they are a microphone and transmitter in one. A lavalier microphone is included for the transmitters. A lavalier microphone takes a little more time to pin on, but it has a less visible presence.

The Pro Version

The Pro version of the Blink500 features a built-in display on the transmitters and receiver, a charging case with built-in battery, and a stereo sound connection. The display shows useful information about the signal, battery and settings. You will also see a visual representation of the sound. With the charging case you charge the transmitter and receiver. When the transmitters and receiver are empty, you place them in the charging case and the charging starts automatically. The charging case itself has a battery of no less than 2,000 mAh, which you can use to fully charge the transmitters and receiver. The charging case itself charges you with the included USB-C cable. If you do not want to use the charging case, you can also charge the transmitters and receiver of the Blink500 Pro with the included micro-usb cable. The stereo audio signal ensures that the sound from both microphones is recorded individually on its own track (left and right). This allows you to control both voices separately in the assembly and adjust the sound level.

Technical Specifications Blink500 Pro B2

The powerful transmitters and receiver use the 2.4 GHz signal, for a range of 50 meters in open field (up to 30 meters in practice). The built-in li-ion batteries provide a battery life of 8 hours. Charging takes approximately 1.5 hours. For situations where you can not wait for this, it is also possible to use the transmitters and receiver directly when they are charged (eg through a power bank). On the receiver there is a clamp which is also suitable for camera-shots.

Application Blink500 Pro B2

When you are looking for a powerful, compact system that can be used universally, go for the Blink500 Pro B2. The display gives you maximum control over the sound. The transmitters and receiver are extremely compact, but offer a very good sound. There are no complicated settings; after a one-time pairing you switch on the transmitter and receiver and they are immediately ready for use. On the transmitter, the volume can be adjusted using the + and - buttons. The metal microphone capsules and supplied plop cap ensure a beautiful and reliable sound both indoors and outdoors.

Pachetul contine:

2x Transmitter with built-in battery and microphone

1x Receiver with built-in battery

1x Charging case with built-in battery

2x Lavalier microphone

2x Plop cap

2x Windshield for built-in microphone

2x Tie pin

1x TRS cable for cameras

1x TRRS cable for smartphones

1x Usb-c to usb-a cable for charging case

1x Micro-usb to usb-a cable for transmitter/receiver

1x Warranty certificate

1x User manual

2x Saramonic sticker

1x Transport case for charging case

1x Packaging


Suitable for: Single-lens reflex camera, Camcorder, GoPro, Smartphone, Laptop

Dimensions (mm): 57 x 38 x 26 mm (transmitter). 56 x 38 x 29 mm (receiver).

Gewicht: 32 grams (transmitter). 32 grams (receiver)

Frequency: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz

Sensitivity: -39dB+/-2dB(0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)

Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥60dB

Microphone connector: 3.5 mm mini jack plug

Power supply: Built-in battery (Li-ion)

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