Microfon Shotgun Compact XLR SR-NV5 Saramonic

Saramonic Compact XLR Shotgun Microphone SR-NV5

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Microfon Shotgun Compact XLR SR-NV5 Saramonic

The SR-NV5 from Saramonic is a shotgun microphone, which has been specially developed for (semi-) professional cameras. This way you can count on a perfect registration of the general sound in every situation. Ideal for ENG productions, filmmakers and TV productions. The SR-NV5 comes with an XLR male to XLR female cable, with which you can connect it to the XLR female input of your camera. In order to be able to make recordings in good quality outside in the wind, an extra windshield is included in addition to the standard windscreen.

Usage SR-NV5

If you want to be assured of good sound quality, when filming general images, the SR-NV5 is a nice choice. As long as your camera has an XLR input and ⌀ 2 cm microphone holder, the SR-NV5 is a nice addition to your film set. Due to the cardioid characteristic, sound that comes in from the front of the camera is absorbed extra precize.


1x SR-NV5 microphone

1x XLR cable

1x Windbreak

1x Windscreen

1x Anti shock rubber

1x Warranty Certificate

1x Packaging

Brand:         Saramonic

Suitable for: Single-lens reflex camera, Camcorder

Dimensions (mm):165 x ⌀ 20

Gewicht: 57 grams

Frequency: 40Hz-18kHz

Sensitivity: -35dB

Signal to Noise Ratio:80dB

Microphone connector:XLR

Type: Shotgun Microphones

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