Boya Carbon Fiber Boompole BY-PB25 with Internal XLR Cable

Boya Carbon Fiber Boompole BY-PB25 with Internal XLR Cable

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The Carbon Boompole BY-PB25 from Boya is a boompole with an integrated XLR cable. With three extendable sections, this boompole can be extended from 1 up to 2.5 meters. Both microphones and various other accessories can be connected to the boompole. This makes the boompole ideal for example for: TV recordings, films, reports or news items.

Usage Boompole BY-PB25
The BY-PB25 comes standard with a 1/4" male thread, in addition, both a 3/8" and a 5/8 "adapter are included, making the BY-PB25 suitable for a wide variety of accessories. The BY-PB25 is made of carbon which ensures a very good quality, without losing the user-friendliness of the product. The use of carbon makes the BY-PB25 very light in weight and very comfortable to use. This allows the BY-PB25 to be used for a longer amount of time. The BY-PB25 is equipped with an internal cable with an XLR connection at the top of the boompole. The three telescopic sections are continuously adjustable. The captive-collet coupling system ensures that the sections are firmly secured , which provides extra strength. The boompole has a maximum carrying capacity of 3 kg.

1x BY-PB25 Boompole
1x 3/8" Adapter
1x 5/8" Adapter
1x carry bag

Brand: Boya
Dimensions (cm): 100-250
Gewicht: 0.722 kg
Microphone connector: XLR

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